Catholic Directory Listings in Victoria

Legal Title: Bishop of Victoria Corporation Sole
Incorporated: 1892

The Diocese of Victoria comprises Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and adjacent islands. The Oregon Mission was raised to an Apostolic Vicariate on December 1, 1843, and Bishop Francis Norbert Blanchet was the first Vicar Apostolic. On July 24, 1846, the Diocese of Vancouver Island was erected, including Vancouver Island, the adjacent islands, New Caledonia (i.e. the BC Mainland), the Queen Charlotte Islands and Alaska, with the bishop residing in Victoria. The Diocese was raised to the status of an archdiocese on June 19, 1903. The name was changed to Victoria on September 6, 1904. It was returned to the status of a diocese on October 1, 1908.

Current Bishop

Bishop of Victoria

Ordained Priest: May 22, 1982
Appointed Bishop of Victoria: June 14, 2014
Installation as Bishop of Victoria: August 28, 2014

Past Bishops

Rt. Rev. Modeste Demers, 1847-1871
Most Rev. Charles John Seghers, 1873-1878
Rt. Rev. Jean Baptiste Brondel, 1879-1883
Most Rev. Charles John Seghers, 1885-1886
Rt. Rev. J.N. Lemmens, 1888-1897
Most Rev. Alexander Christie, 1898-1899
Most Rev. Bertram Orth, 1900-1908
Rt. Rev. Alexander MacDonald, 1909-1923
Rt. Rev. Thomas O’Donnell, 1924-1929
Most Rev. Gerald Murray, CSsR, 1930-1933
Most Rev. John Hugh MacDonald, 1934-1936
Most Rev. John C. Cody, 1937-1946
Most Rev. James M. Hill, 1946-1962
Most Rev. Remi J. De Roo, 1962-1999
Most Rev. Raymond Roussin, SM, 1999-2004
Most Reverend Richard J. Gagnon, 2004-2013

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