Catholic Directory Listings in Nelson

Legal Title: The Roman Catholic Bishop of Nelson

Erected by His Holiness Pope Pius XI, February 22, 1936. Extent: 48,000 square miles. Bounded on the north by the 50°07’ Parallel between the 120th Meridian and the 118°40’ Meridian; and the 53rd Parallel at the intersection of the 118°40’ Meridian; the 53rd Parallel and the Interprovincial Boundary between the Provinces of B.C. and Alberta; on the East by the civil province of Alberta, on the South by the American Boundary; on the West by the 120th Meridian from the 49th Parallel to the 50°07’ Parallel of Latitude; and by the 118°40’ Meridian between the 50°07’ Parallel and the 53rd Parallel of Latitude.

Current Bishop

Bishop of Nelson

Ordained priest: October 23, 1965
Appointed Bishop of Nelson: November 30, 2007
Episcopal Ordination: January 30, 2008
Installed as Sixth Bishop of Nelson: January 31, 2008

Past Bishops

Most Rev. Martin Michael Johnson, 1936-1954
Most Rev. Thomas Joseph McCarthy, 1955-1958
Most Rev. Wilfred Emmet Doyle, 1958-1989
Most Rev. Peter J. Mallon, 1990-1995
Most Rev. Eugene J. Cooney, 1996-2007

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